Words by Maven 11 Venture

Looking back at the Modular Summit. With 2 full days, 3 stages and over 120 speakers, it strengthened our belief that Modular blockchains are gaining an unstoppable momentum.

On July 21 & 22, Maven 11 co-hosted the Modular Summit together with the Celestia team for the second year in a row. The event, which was hosted during ETHcc in the heart of Paris, was put together to allow people to learn from the visionary builders at the forefront of the modular blockchain revolution. Being the first and most prominent investor into this domain since 2019, we are happy to have co-hosted this event for the second year in a row. As a partner to our fund, we wanted to take this opportunity to share and highlight some of the most interesting and thought-provoking content for you.

Looking back, it is safe to say that the Modular Summit was a massive success. With 2 full days, 3 stages and over 120 speakers, of which many industry leaders in their respective fields, it was no surprise that people literally queued around the block to attend the event. This further strengthened our belief that Modular blockchains are gaining an unstoppable momentum. The Maven 11 portfolio was well represented with 12 projects on stage, further highlighting our foothold in this vertical. The main topics were Scalability solutions, Gaming, Shared Sequencers, the role of zero-knowledge cryptography, Data Availability, MEV and building in a modular world.

The event closed with a fully filled auditorium and 100s of people watching at home, how none other than Mustafa Al-Bassam (Co-founder of Celestia), Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum) and Anatoly Yakovenko (Founder of Solana) debated the End-Game for crypto. You can watch back the recording of all the content on the summit here.


We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight 3 of the most important talks at the summit:

1. The Modular State of the Union - Mustafa Al-Bassam

In this talk, Mustafa Al-Bassam walks us through what Modular actually means. He describes all layers of a blockchain, from Data availability to Consensus, from Settlement to Execution. A Modular blockchain is a blockchain that fully outsources at least one of these components. The benefits are clear: Scalability, Choice and Sovereignty. He ends with showing the recent evolution of the Modular stack, highlighting its exponential growth.

2. Light nodes are not just a meme - Nick White

Nick White (COO at Celestia) gave us a thought provoking presentation about the power of light nodes and what they actually represent. Nick argues that in history, cooperation has encouraged the further growth of prosperity and benefits for mankind. He shows that blockchains can resolve a dependency on a power hierarchy where there is a need for trust. Light nodes do not compromise between social and technical scalability, which has been an issue for many years. By allowing anyone to run a light node on any device, blockchains will become more scalable, efficient and decentralised.

3. The End Game - Vitalik Buterin, Anatoly Yakovenko, Mustafa Al-Bassam

This unprecedented panel features some of the most important industry figures who under the guidance of Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet) explore what the End Game for crypto looks like. They talk about the changes in the past year with the emergence of roll-ups and their frameworks and their importance. The discussion moves to discussing the end-game for crypto touching topics like scalability, proofs, availability of data and decentralisation. Governance is discussed and their impact on all major chains and the risk it imposes. Finally, what applications do they all look forward to in the short term? Watch the clip below to find out!