Maven 11 Capital participates in Zapper series A

19 May 2021

Zapper has just raised a series A round and we are happy to announce we participated in their fundraise. Zapper is a one stop shop front-end application for DeFi users. This fits our thesis perfectly as we believe DeFi will be the biggest growing ecosystem within our industry. 

The problem which Zapper fixes is a notorious one, interacting with various protocols on different UI’s and making multiple transactions for deploying capital into DeFi. Zapper offers a seamless UX and also bundles transactions to save the user both time and money. Providing a solution to these issues have proven fruitful for Zapper. They have handled billions in volume for over 100.000 users and are making DeFi accessible to everyone. 

Everything is fragmented, it’s on a bunch of different apps,  websites and web apps. Our goal is to reduce the friction and just have this one portal where you can track all your assets and manage and swap and farm” - Seb Audet, CEO Zapper

The fresh funding will be used to deploy the Zapper application on mobile, support new integrations of the DeFi protocols, and to build an “app store” on top of Zapper. Zapper scales as DeFi scales.

On an almost daily basis we hear users are having trouble interacting across all different, composable DeFi products and face high gas costs to interact with them. While this composability is an amazing feature, it can also be a challenging one. Zapper fixes both of these issues and will be a critical product for mass adoption of DeFi.” - Balder Bomans, Managing Partner Maven 11

We see Zapper as growing their position of being a crucial building block within DeFi and the industry at large. We are happy to come onboard to support the team on this amazing journey alongside a great group of co-investors.