Maven 11 Capital participates in the private round of NAOS Finance

20 April 2021

Maven 11 Capital is happy to announce that we participated in the private round of NAOS Finance. NAOS is a financing solution that allows for collateralization of loans through off-chain assets. The goal is to fix the so-called credit gap and allow for more efficient lending markets by allowing lenders and borrowers to interact in a permissionless way. In doing so they will tap into a 2.5T worldwide market. 

NAOS currently has over 2000 SME’s on board as borrowers. These are ready to start utilizing their platform for their credit demand. For liquidity, they aim to use the efficient capital formation methods that DeFi enables. The new fundraise will help them further improve their platform and roll it out in other regions.

“NAOS Finance is solving a very difficult problem, we’re blessed to have long term, value investors such as Maven 11 Capital sharing our vision that an off-chain asset based infrastructure is absolutely crucial to expand the existing DeFi ecosystem ” - Kevin Tseng, co-founder NAOS

The fact that NAOS seems focused on emerging markets is a strong signal for us, the potential that DeFi offers in these markets is tremendous. The capability NAOS has to originate loans at scale is shown by over USD 250M assets onboarded. Team’s extensive experience in finance ensures us that they have what it takes to execute their plans further and we are glad to help them along their way.

“We are incredibly excited to be backing NAOS. They are at the forefront of bringing tangible assets into DeFi with emerging markets displaying a lot of demand for such solutions. We believe that NAOS their product is another step towards DeFi taking over TradFi.” - Balder Bomans, Managing Partner Maven 11 

We look forward to being a part of the NAOS journey and are incredibly excited to be supporting this amazing team. Their product will allow DeFi to take the next step and expand into off-chain assets, this will boost the ecosystem for another growth phase.