Maven 11 Capital invests in Anoma Network

17 November 2021

Maven 11 Capital is excited to share our new investment in Anoma Network, a new privacy-oriented network that will allow users to privately and asset-agnostically perform bartering transactions. The investment round was led by Polychain Capital, with participation from Electric Capital, Zola Global, Fifth Era, and CMCC also participating among others.

Anoma’s intricate technology will allow users to privately signal their intentions to make a trade, which can then be picked up by matchmakers to complete such bartering trades. An example would be user A wanting to sell Bitcoin for Ethereum and user B wanting to sell Ethereum for Bitcoin. Both users could fully privately signal their intentions which can then be matched to complete a satisfactory swap. But Anoma’s technology actually allows this type of private bartering to take place with an unlimited number of participants, which will provide DeFi users with much-needed privacy.

We are very happy to support the Anoma team, as it is being built by an extremely strong group of founders made up of industry veterans. Founder Adrian Brink used to run a staking service provider called Cryptium Labs that secured over $500M in assets, and many of the Anoma team previously worked on the Cosmos blockchain and their Tendermint technology, which is the consensus algorithm currently secures over $30B in digital assets. 

Our conviction in Anoma is based on their extremely strong stream which has consistently been building technology to manage and secure massive amounts of value. Not only are these founders very technically gifted and strong in execution, but we are also convinced that privacy will become one of the most important topics in the digital asset space in the near future. We are happy to continue supporting Anoma Network on their path to making our digital world safer and more private.” - Balder Bomans, Managing Partner Maven 11 Capital.

Anoma has only recently announced their public testnet called Feigenbaum. For those tech-savvy readers, it is possible to run the software and participate in these early testing stages of the network. For those of us less technically inclined, we invite you to follow the developments surrounding the project on their Twitter or to join their Discord community to learn more. We are very excited to see where this strong group of builders will take the Anoma network during these early stages of the project, and look forward to the role the network will play in the future for the DeFi sector.