Maven 11 Capital closes $ 120M crypto venture fund

02 December 2021

Second fund offers venture capital to founders in booming sector

AMSTERDAM, December 2, 2021 – Maven 11 Capital, the crypto investment firm, closed its second fund, Venture Fund II, at $ 120 million on 30 November. Building on the success of their first fund, the Maven 11 Capital team will continue to scale their backing of incredible founders looking to build novel infrastructure protocols, DeFi primitives and Web 3.0 applications in the crypto industry. 

Maven 11 Capital’s closing at $120m demonstrates an increasing appetite across the wider investor community to include crypto assets in their venture portfolio. “Investors clearly appreciate that besides participating through their investments, they also become active members of these communities and their ecosystems. Clearly this is a space that can no longer be ignored.” says Joost van der Plas, Partner at Maven 11 Capital.  

The investors in Maven 11 Capital’s Venture Fund II come from a diverse group of backers. Among them are high net worth individuals with a background in finance and technology, crypto entrepreneurs, family offices, and institutional backers. The investors are not only enthusiastic about the opportunities this industry offers, but also about becoming ecosystem participants and learning more about the shift currently taking place towards a decentralised, trusted and incredibly exciting future.

Maven 11 Capital offers founders more than just funding. Portfolio companies are actively supported by the entire fund team to accelerate their development. An example of this is Maven 11 Capital assuming the role of Pool Delegate in supporting its venture investment in Maple Finance. “The abundance of capital in the industry right now means you have to bring far more to the table. The example of our involvement in Maple Finance in bootstrapping the liquidity on their protocol shows how we can do this. We always take a fit-for-purpose approach, as every founder and project has different needs.” says Balder Bomans, Partner at Maven 11 Capital.

Maven 11 Capital was founded in 2015 and has run a venture investment approach since 2017. With the fresh funding Maven 11 Capital is on a mission to be a partner and back phenomenal projects from inception to launch. Among previous venture investments from Venture Fund I are Celestia, Qredo, Nym Technologies and Spectral Finance. From Venture Fund II investments have already been made into, amongst others, Merit Circle, Maple Finance , Anoma and Zapper. “The traditional venture structure of this new fund allows us to take a multi-year time horizon on our investments. This enables us to back protocols that need to grow from just a strong founder with an innovative idea towards a fully-fledged DAO or proven protocol with strong traction among developers and users.” says Darius Rugys, newly joined Partner at Maven 11 Capital.

About Maven 11 Capital

Maven 11 Capital is an Amsterdam-founded blockchain and crypto asset investment firm that invests in and supports its ventures globally. The teams Maven 11 Capital partners with are on a rigorous quest to solve most exciting problems and make the necessary shift towards a decentralised future. Maven 11 Capital is registered and fully compliant with local regulators and takes pride in an ethical approach to investing.