Maven 11 launches a new co-investment vehicle

18 June 2019
Dutch investment firm Maven 11 Capital has launched a new vehicle for co-investments, enabling investors to take part in select hand-picked opportunities.


As a prominent player in this global industry, we regularly come across investment opportunities in which we can stipulate additional allocation. With this new co-investment proposition we can now offer our own investor community additional exposure in these ‘best in class ventures’”, explains managing director Joost van der Plas.


The companies Maven 11 are meeting are of an increasingly high calibre, reflective of the industry’s growing maturity. Thus far in 2019, Maven 11 have invested in five early stage companies alongside the most reputable investment firms in the industry.


The new co-investment vehicle is a logical consequence to give additional exposure to some exceptional opportunities. It follows on from the first of such, where Maven 11 raised $1.5 million from a select group of investors to deploy into a promising venture, not yet publicly disclosed, that featured a nice asymmetrical return profile within a fast-growing industry.


For us, this was a confirmation of the increasing interest among investors. Every investor we spoke with recognized the potential and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, but is also struggling with finding the right opportunities. This way, in addition to sourcing these opportunities, we take away all the pain points by managing every aspect during the lifecycle of the investment,” Joost continues.


With Maven 11’s experience researching and investing in blockchain ventures since 2011, they have built up a vast international network in the sector. Investors exposed to their Digital Asset Fund launched in 2017 have benefited from their strong deal flow which is otherwise not overtly accessible to most investors, within the actively managed multi-strategy fund.


For more information on Maven 11’s co-investment opportunities and Digital Asset Fund, please contact